10 July 2006

Current spiritual scene

Discernment is under way in the form of spiritual direction with a very good director. Next session is this coming Thursday.

At the moment, I'm observing a wave of encouragement for me to enter the Process on the one hand; on the other hand there are concerns about how it would affect my partner and the thought, "Why can't I just decide I'm not called to ordained ministry? There are plenty of people who never ask the Church about this and who decide this for themselves."

Another possible vocation (that I have started already) is that of being a lay Benedictine contemplative oblate and helping others see that as a way of living out a Christian life, including prayer disciplines, the habit of hospitality/mission/outreach, a rule of life, and so on. In our diocese we have a whole parish that offers its members and friends a Benedictine rule of life and many resources for following it (St Paul's, Riverside).

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Allan Parker said...


I am a confrater of St. Gregory's Abbey as well. I have been for many years now. I write Abbot Andrew monthly (send the abbey a check too). I have never been there but am hoping to get there in the next year or so...before my daughter and grandson move from Michigan.


allan parker