14 July 2006

Discernment progress

Is the Episcopal Church, or are its leaders and parishioners, too quick to focus on ordained ministry as the inevitable path for highly committed Episcopalians? We had a chat about this, and many other things, in my highly helpful spiritual-direction session yesterday. We also had some great discussion of what sorts of lay ministry I might be called to, and how I might consider the permanent diaconate as well, which I hadn't seriously considered. His great questions unearthed some exciting possibilities. The priesthood ordination process isn't out of the question, but we made some great progress on some important questions that I need to get clearer about. I remember how I used to think I had a strong desire to preside at the Holy Eucharist. While this would indeed be a wonderful role, I'm finding that I'm doing just fine not presiding at the Holy Eucharist. To me, this is central to being a priest. I'm just weighing such thoughts against the really long and involved Process and its effect on my partner and our relationship. That, and I'm starting to shake off the idea that not becoming a priest will be tantamount to wasting my life, and that I'm coming to these conclusions because I've waffled too long--ridiculous, I know, but there's a voice saying that within my thoughts sometimes. I don't think a genuine call would denigrate the ministry of baptized laypersons.

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Monk-in-Training said...

There is always the path of the Friar or vowed Religious that is availble. :)