10 July 2006

The liturgical beat goes on

In our parish, six for MP or daily Mass is pretty good. No one has suggested these be cancelled. I'm the Monday EP officiant and often (especially in summer) recite the Office alone. This past Monday a Russian organist was practicing as 6pm approached, when EP starts. He had been told he had until then but that there was a service at 6. Sure enough, as the sacristy atomic clock hit 6:00, he was still fiddling with a phrase on the organ. I had half a thought of praying EP in the sacristy but then came to my senses and decided to cut him off by ringing the sacristy bell and then entering and saying the office as usual. I'm sure he thought it odd I would vest and recite a service with nobody else there, but the Office is part of what the church is there for, and it was my job to do it, whether anyone showed up or not. (Most of the time there is at least one other person, and we do get more if there's a Mass afterward, on BCP holy days.)

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