30 April 2007

I'm a phone-phobe

I'm phone-phobic, and if you take the anger and the word "hate" out of this guy's account of what phone-phobia is like, he's talking about me. I guess I'm a notch lower on the phone-phobia index, but definitely up there. Oh, another difference is that I love voice mail and would rather carry on a conversation by trading voice mails than by talking live on the phone, mostly.

But e-mail is a good and perfect gift from above, from the Father of Lights. :)

04 April 2007

How's that again, Lord? Or bird?

I was planning one of my Lenten adult-ed classes in our dining room, and I heard a bird with a complex call, part of which sounded distinctly like "Scott." I tried to hear a meaning in the rest of the call, and then I seriously said, aloud, "Speak, Lord, for your servant is listening." The call didn't get any clearer, even though I tried to clear my mind and be open to what I heard, but the word "Scott" was always in there, at the end of the call. Then I said, aloud, "Speak clearly, Lord, for your servant is listening." I think the bird flew off at that point.

Urban coyote prefers Quizno's

A small coyote was trotting around Chicago's Loop district yesterday afternoon and tried to cool off in a fridge. What's cute here is how quietly the story plays out and ends. It's almost not even news (although that didn't keep it from being covered extensively by ABC News' Good Morning America), just an odd hour in a fairly typical downtown afternoon.

What a beautiful animal...love the eyes and coat.

PowerPoint and reading in church get slammed

A lot of my editing job involves creating, proofing, and fiddling with PowerPoint presentations. And at church we can read along with the Bible readings in a booklet. So there are two reasons why this article is interesting to me. A third reason is that I'm fascinated with theories of learning and instructional design. So do I think this theory - cognitive load theory - is right? Well, it certainly seems to make sense, even the bit about how giving students answered problems to study is a good thing. I can struggle with a problem that's supposed to help me learn a concept, and if I solve it, that may be an effective learning experience. But I'll learn the concept faster if I can see the problem solved and then get to work on one like it.