30 April 2007

I'm a phone-phobe

I'm phone-phobic, and if you take the anger and the word "hate" out of this guy's account of what phone-phobia is like, he's talking about me. I guess I'm a notch lower on the phone-phobia index, but definitely up there. Oh, another difference is that I love voice mail and would rather carry on a conversation by trading voice mails than by talking live on the phone, mostly.

But e-mail is a good and perfect gift from above, from the Father of Lights. :)


Julian said...

I used to be one myself, to the point where I had to go cry for a while whenever I had to call the financial aid office of a college from Taiwan during my college application process. It was really crippling. It made my mom really mad, too. Now, though, I feel a lot more confident about it and I've discovered that it gets things done a lot faster than email when dealing with pesky businesses and organizations. And, with an SO I love to talk to, I'll admit to having become one of the students whipping out the phone right after class. But I get what you mean.

Rob said...

I, on the other hand, would much prefer that the world's business be carried on over the phone rather than via mail. I love email, understand; it's just that I get far far FAR too much of it.

I also like gauging responses by hearing someone I'm speaking to.

But, if I truly had my way, we'd all go back to the manservants at the door, informing visitors to leave their calling cards because the master is indisposed.