23 May 2007

A non-hateful post about Jerry Falwell

Jerry Falwell Originally uploaded by etchasketchist.
I believe Jerry Falwell will get an earful from our Merciful Judge (and so will I when the day arrives) about many things and will then indeed be at peace. Transformed, even. And yes, may he rise in glory. So may it be for us all. I had the thought yesterday that when we get to the hereafter, "We will know the truth, and the truth will make us laugh." And then make us free. We'll laugh at how partial and tentative our understanding of it was and gasp at how intensely full and rich the fully revealed Truth is. And the freedom of that new understanding will be beyond anything we can now conceive as "free." And we'll know what it means to be "free indeed." And we'll laugh again.

15 May 2007

Great new blog posts on the Daily Office

vespers Originally uploaded by Fr. Pat Mulcahy.

Here's Chris with an important post on the Office as missing link. Here's Derek with an equally weighty one on the Office in the Roman Catholic Church, and pointing out a highly informative article on the Office.

Both very much worth reading. I resonate strongly with the idea of the Office, with its common thread of the praying of the psalms, as a much-underappreciated ecumenical link. True, non-Roman Catholics can't receive Communion in an RC church, but we can certainly pray the Office together if we're willing even to think of that option.

14 May 2007

Must-view video on chant

Commentary is in French, but of course the music is universal.

09 May 2007

Roll of Worshipping Communities

Tripp lists his history of worshipping communities and asks for ours. I'll list mine here and link this to a comment over there. Fascinating to have a glimpse at these places again via the Web.

04 May 2007

Friday iPod Shuffling

iPod photo Originally uploaded by vanou.
This week's 10 random tracks with the Shuffle Songs setting switched on: 1. "Antifona: Speciosa" Capilla Penaflorida, Salazar: Complete Vespers of Our Lady 2. "Justorum animae" Lassus. John Rutter, The Cambridge Singers, Lighten Our Darkness: Music for the Close of Day 3. "You Are My Love" Jamiroquai, Travelling Without Moving 4. "Bless the Broken Road" Rascal Flatts, Feels Like Today 5. "Mass for Pentecost: Benedictus" Palestrina. Christ Church Cathedral Choir, Oxford, European Choral Music 6. "Rhythm of the Night" El Debarge, Awesome 80's Disk 1 7. "Gelobet seist du, Jesu Christ" Martin Luther. Deutsche Liedmesse 8. "For All of Us" Closer to Heaven - Original Cast Album 9. "North & Clybourn" DJ Creme Brulee, Red Line 10. "Missa Dum complerentur: Gloria" Tomas Luis de Victoria. Christ Church Cathedral Choir, Oxford, European Choral Music