23 May 2007

A non-hateful post about Jerry Falwell

Jerry Falwell Originally uploaded by etchasketchist.
I believe Jerry Falwell will get an earful from our Merciful Judge (and so will I when the day arrives) about many things and will then indeed be at peace. Transformed, even. And yes, may he rise in glory. So may it be for us all. I had the thought yesterday that when we get to the hereafter, "We will know the truth, and the truth will make us laugh." And then make us free. We'll laugh at how partial and tentative our understanding of it was and gasp at how intensely full and rich the fully revealed Truth is. And the freedom of that new understanding will be beyond anything we can now conceive as "free." And we'll know what it means to be "free indeed." And we'll laugh again.

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Julian said...

I sure hope you're right about the laughing part, Scott! If I had an idea of purgatory, it would probably be the process of dying and being confronted with ... the truth...nothing like Truth to horrify a self-deceived conscience!

Perhaps, like the the idea that God loves everyone and it is our own sin that experiences it as Hell, how we experience the truth might depend somewhat on our willingness to confess our sins, make peace, and trust in God. What could be a worse punishment for, say, Hitler (the usual example...) than for him to truly realize the significance and wrongness of what he did?