15 July 2007

Benedictine books of note

I'd have to say that the little book that introduced me to Benedictine values lived "in the world" was Fr. Brian C. Taylor's book Spirituality for Everyday Living: An Adaptation of the Rule of St.Benedict.

Here's one reviewer's quote from the Amazon site: "I just finished this book last night, and I found it to be very inspiring, and insightful. The author is an episcopalian priest, married with family. He really brings an interesting insight to the Rule of Benedict coming from someone who is a pastor by profession and a parent. I found the book to be a concise quick read, and the page layout was just fine. For Oblates or those wishing to become Oblates add this book to your reading list. The author being someone who is married with children lays out simple ways for the laity to incorporate the Rule of Benedict in everyday life. I am Catholic and I did appreciate the neutrality of this book. I believe this book serves well as an excellent read for Benedictines of the Catholic or Anglican tradition."

Others I favor:

Abbot Parry's translation of the Rule, with intro by Esther deWaal and with reading dates.

Preferring Christ: A Devotional Commentary and Workbook on the Rule of St Benedict, by Norvene Vest (with Fr Luke Dysinger's Rule translation)

The Path of Life: Benedictine Spirituality for Monks and Lay People by Fr Cyprian Smith OSB

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