28 August 2007

Chicago bishop nominees

Here they are, a minute late! I haven't even read the names yet. Just copying and pasting. Details here if the site has been fixed. It shattered shortly after the announcement, throwing sharp bits of Web-ola everywhere.

Five nominees for the 12th Bishop of Chicago were received from the Bishop Search Committee and announced Aug. 28, 2007 by the Episcopal Diocese of Chicago's governing body, the Standing Committee, subject to completion of background checks:

The Rev. Jane S. Gould, Priest-in-Charge / Rector,St. Stephen's Memorial Episcopal Church, Lynn, Mass.

The Rev. Jeffrey D. Lee, Rector, St. Thomas Church, Medina, Wash.

The Very Rev. Tracey Lind, Dean, Trinity Cathedral, Cleveland, Ohio

The Rev. Margaret R. Rose, Director of Women's Ministries, The Episcopal Church

The Rev. Timothy B. Safford, Rector, Christ Church, Philadelphia


Rose Maniple said...

I want the lesbian to win so badly it hurts...

Scott said...

Sure, if she's the best of the candidates. She may be; I don't know any of them well, so I couldn't vote today if I had to. The only one I know anything about it Jeffrey Lee, as I've read his book on the BCP. Seems like a good candidate despite having attended the University of Michigan. Go State! Beat Michigan!

Scott, Michigan State '83

stpetric said...

Tim Safford was a seminary classmate of mine. I didn't know him well, but I remember him being more smooth than deep.

Anonymous said...

Oh my God! ECUSA really is a human zoo.

Rev. Dr. Kenneth Baily said...

Tim Safford was a classmate of mine as well, and we've kept up a profound and meaningful friendship and collegial relationship over the years. There is no deeper thinker, more visionary servant, or more dedicated Episcopalian that I know. I know Steve Patrica (comment above) as well: he lived three doors away during seminary. I am disappointed that anyone in orders would comment this way, especially admitting his knowledge wasn't very deep. Now, if the Holy Spirit guides the diocese and its wonderful folks to call Tim, there will be exciting and faithful times ahead. If folks want to learn about him, check out his parish website, or ask those who know. And God bless everyone in this important process.