25 September 2007

Our bishops speak

Here's the all-important, historic response of the bishops of The Episcopal Church to the Anglican primates' Dar es Salaam communiqué. I'd like to know what you think. Will it float? Is this anything?


The young fogey said...

At face value it looks quite good really - one sign of that is the loud online liberals crying about being victims because it doesn't affirm them enough.

But the conservatives are seeing through the first main point. It reminds me of ELCA, which recently retained a rule against partnered gay pastors but also decided not to enforce it. This similar manœuvre shouldn't please ++Cantuar, the Global South or American conservatives and so far apparently it's not.

The second main point - no more incursions - makes sense as long as both sides are still in the Anglican Communion.

So IMO in the long run it doesn't mean anything. The American majority will keep doing what it wants and ++Cantuar and conservatives will keep writing strongly worded statements.

stpetric said...

I don't see how this will result in any significant change in practice from what currently goes on in ECUSA. Liberal bishops will acclaim the "listening" process -- and then, having "listened" -- go on and do what they planned in the first place. Conservatives will see through it in a New York minute.