08 November 2007

Diocesan site busts on convention eve

There's a new look at the Diocese of Chicago's Web site: snappy new layout and well-organized links that lead to...pages filled with lorem ipsum placeholder text. Even on the Diocesan Convention pages, which one might need to consult on the eve of the Convention. Now there's nothing: no schedule, no e-mail addresses of diocesan contacts, no nothing.

I suppose live video and election scoreboard are not to be expected this year? Or maybe this is like the eve of a format change on a commercial radio station, where the station plays 24 commercial-free hours of "Seasons in the Sun," confusing and annoying all listeners, until the new format emerges sparkling in the morning sun. Yeah, that's it! I'll check tomorrow morning as the convention opens.
Anyone planning to live-blog from convention? Please?

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Dan Morehead said...

Thanks for the link.