31 December 2007

2007 in review: a meme

Here's a look back, a year-end meme consisting of the first sentence of the first post from each month in 2007.
February: Nothing like a new blogging tool to make me post again.
April: A lot of my editing job involves creating, proofing, and fiddling with PowerPoint presentations.
May: This week's 10 random tracks with the Shuffle Songs setting switched on
June: Last full-choir Sunday until Michaelmas.
July: I'd have to say that the little book that introduced me to Benedictine values lived "in the world" was Fr. Brian C. Taylor's book Spirituality for Everyday Living: An Adaptation of the Rule of St.Benedict.
August: I've been meeting with a spiritual director for the better part of a year, every six weeks, and have been looking for some new directions or something to get passionate about in terms of ministry, growth in spirituality, and the like.
September: Here's the all-important, historic response of the bishops of The Episcopal Church to the Anglican primates' Dar es Salaam communiqué.
October: Almost a month since my last post; sorry about that.
November: Can I get an Amen to The Postulant's post about the importance of preaching doctrine?
December: Mark provides a very good basic introduction to the concept of the Daily Office, aka Liturgy of the Hours, and gives some good advice for getting started in the Roman Catholic editions.
Well, that could have been interesting, but wasn't so much. Worth the effort, I suppose. Here's to a more-interesting, higher-traffic 2008. Happy and blessed New Year to all.

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