25 March 2008

Sandwiches on the seashore

I chanted the Abraham-and-Isaac lesson at the Great Vigil. I've done this one several times before, but what struck me, oddly, as I chanted it was the phrase about how Abraham's descendents will be "as the sand which is on the seashore." My profound thought as I continued: "Did I just say 'sandwiches on the seashore'? Who wrote this stuff?" Turned out a couple of the acolytes had heard it that way too, looked at each other, and giggled. All went well. Very sweet baby boy baptized.


James said...

This is similar to the "Most Highly Flavoured Lady" in the carol, 'The Angel Gabriel from Heaven Came,' and, from the Book of Common Prayer's Eucharistic Prayer C, "the primal elephants."


Anonymous said...

if yer the guy whos work neighbor blasts his voicemail over speakerphone, just make up some crazy message that will make him think twice before putting it on speakerphone again!