13 March 2008

Thoughts from spiritual direction

Thanks be to God, I've settled into a good place spiritually this winter: not a place to be inhabited forever, but a place to be appreciated for the time being. A lot of the restlessness has gone away, which is a good thing, as it's been a very constricted season of cabin fever and fewer options. Those negatives have been easier to deal with as I've accepted the settledness. Great spiritual-direction session today, and it brought out a good way of thinking about where I am now: There is a gift, there is living the gift, and there is sharing the gift. The gift is a spirituality that has welcomed monastic principles and practices into my lifestyle in the world, and I've found a realistic level at which that can be done; part of the gift is also a balanced appreciation of a spectrum of styles of spiritual practice -- worship, prayer, study, and the rest -- that can't be rigidly classified. I can appreciate both tradition and innovation, the given and the creative, the poetic and the direct. In the past I've felt wearied by the tension between such opposites and the rancor that tension generates among the faithful. Lately that's settled, and I feel more balanced; I'm living the gift. Next there's sharing the gift, and I'll be finding ways to do that. I was thinking of taking a hiatus from spiritual direction because things seem to be going basically well, and I wasn't sure I had much to bring up to talk about. Those are often the times, though, when direction generates more fruit, and that was true today.

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Jorge Sánchez said...

He is a wise, wise man, is he not?