21 October 2009

Anglican on Purpose

I wasn't going to weigh in on the current news about provisions for Anglicans going to or returning to the Roman Catholic Church, but another blogger has summarized my feelings about being Anglican eloquently and in a way that I can agree with in every respect.

13 October 2009

Contemporary Monastic Liturgical Song

One of my prized possessions is a giant binder containing a copy of a doctoral dissertation by a Benedictine nun, Sr. Victorine Fenton OSB, who in the early 1980s visited just about all of the Benedictine monasteries in the United States and wrote about their music: how they chanted the psalms, hymns, and other parts of their Divine Office and Mass. Today my various Google Reader sweeps brought me word of a similar study of selected European monasteries to find out how they are singing the Opus Dei today. One can download a PDF of the 410-page dissertation. It's in Swedish, but do not fret: go to p. 358 for an English summary. I've put the Pluscarden Abbey (Scotland) chapter through Google Translate to get a general idea, but I hope someone can translate the whole thing for us sometime. And perhaps now would be a good time for someone to redo Sr. Victorine's work and find out the current state of affairs in USA monasteries?