27 July 2010

Why not "just pray"? Great post by Prior Peter

A gem of an article on the monastic Divine Office has been posted by the prior of Holy Cross Monastery here in Chicago: This past Sunday after Mass we had our monthly coffee hour, and I found myself in a discussion of the complexities of the Divine Office. I was speaking with a group of laypersons, all of whom pray some form of the Liturgy of the Hours–pretty impressive I must say. Somewhere along the line, however, after I floundered trying to explain why the layout of our soon-to-be-published books has exercised my ingenuity so much, someone admitted, “Sometimes I think that God must look down on us and say, ‘Just pray!’” Read it all here.


CG said...

Scott: neither of your links to the article now works.

Scott said...

Thanks for letting me know, CG. The URL seems to have changed. The article is now here:


Scott said...

Actually, I've relinked the hyperlinks, so they should click into the article now. Thanks again.